Renewable energy

Why is there a need for renewable energy?

  • There are limited and dwindling reserves of accessible fossil fuel resources such as oil, coal and gas.

  • At some point extraction costs inevitably increase as the readily accessible reserves decrease.
  •  As these fuels become scarce they also become increasingly expensive sources of energy.

  • Eventually the accessible sources will dwindle away.

  • Using these resources generates huge quantities of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • These gases cause global warming, which is causing climate change.

  • Climate change impacts are now being seen in, for example, the increased melting of the ice caps and rising sea levels

  • The amount of the carbon dioxide has now exceeded the upper safe limit of 350 parts per million.

  • This increase will cause further global warming and climate change.

  • This is likely to lead to extreme weather events, significant disruption of global ecosystems and agriculture, and present a health risk to people globally.

So what can we do?

We must act now. By moving away from dependence upon polluting, dwindling fossil fuel resources, we can start to change the course of the future.

We can achieve this by using the basically inexhaustible source of free and pollution-free energy from our Sun.

Wind, tidal and hydroelectric generators, solar photovoltaic cells (solar PV), solar heating units and other forms of energy generation, such as biomass, are all ways of changing the solar energy into something we can use.

Low Carbon Gordano
Transition Town Nailsea has links with Low Carbon Gordano and its solar farms. One of the Nailsea core members is a committee member of Low Carbon Gordano. Funds now raised to start project via public share offer.
The solar park at Moorhouse Farm, has been operational for some time and the solar farm offer 2015 for Ham Lane, Kingston Seymour raised the £1 million target in 6 weeks and is generating as of November 2015. 

The way forward for Nailsea

For the community of Nailsea as a whole, there are effectively three options:

  1. generating electricity through solar photovoltaic cells (solar PV)
  2. solar water heating
  3. wind turbines
Solar PV and solar water heating are currently the most viable options for Nailsea. Of course, at this stage adopting these options can usually only reduce our use of fossil fuels, not eliminate it. It is however both environmentally and economically sound.

The energy efficiency of our properties can be improved by insulating them against heat loss.

If you would like more detailed information, the links to the right of this page will take you to the appropriate Energy Saving Trust pages and the main Energy Saving Trust page.